I have ended up doing laundry on New Year’s Day for at least ten years now. I usually cook as well—delis this far north are a little hit-or-miss when it comes to hoppin’ John. Maybe I should just observe Vestalia on January 1 and find some other goddess or god to honor in June.

A small astrological coincidence:

Tomorrow is April Fools Day. Tomorrow, the Moon goes void-of-course precisely at midnight CDT and will stay like that until it enters the sign of Capricorn at 12:35 AM CDT on April 2. Simplifying greatly, when the Moon is void-of-course, things that are started never really get going (“nothing will come of it” was how it was first described to me). So basically, the Moon spends April Fools Day VOC, which seems both appropriate as all get-out and really trivial—and even that seems just right for April Fools Day.