X is for (e)xamination and (e)xplanation

Not surprisingly, I haven’t thought of anything to write about that is both Pagan-themed and starts with an X. Even reading over last week’s posts wasn’t enough to trigger inspiration. So this is a look back at this year’s Pagan Blog Project.

20131128-085258.jpgPragmatically, I’m glad I opted for posting every other week instead of weekly. I probably would’ve burned out back around March if I’d tried to keep a weekly posting schedule. With only one post per letter, I’m a bit frustrated that I didn’t write about some topics because I wanted to post about other topics starting with those letters even more. But really, it’s not that I can’t write those posts; they just won’t be part of this. This has been a great year for coming up with Pagan-focused blog prompts. Thanks to being in the Pagan Blog Project, I’ve now got a list of potential topics, both ones I came up with and ones that other people blogged about that I’d like to write about someday.

I now know that I can follow through on a writing commitment of this length. (Probably. I haven’t written my Y and Z posts yet.) My challenge next year will be to remember to post here more frequently. Without a schedule, it’s really easy to let this blog drift, I’ve noticed.

Would I do this again? Probably not if it just meant another year of working my way through the alphabet. For some letters, the post I wrote was the only one I had in me. But I write more and hopefully better with some constraints like deadlines. Participating got me to write posts that otherwise would never have seen the light of day and my blog benefitted from my paying it more attention. I’m glad I made the commitment and participated this year; if there were a future Pagan Blog Project that had some other theme to it, I’d seriously consider joining up. Although maybe not next year. I need a break.

I branched out as a reader as well as a writer this year. I found new blogs to follow—I will never catch up on my reading! I made new blogging friends and read blogs that I never would have heard of otherwise. I ran into viewpoints that are so not the way I understand life and found many of them interesting as all get-out, argued articulately and passionately. People are really imaginative and find responses to blog prompts that catch me completely by surprise.

I’d known going into this that I’m not comfortable writing about personal issues in public, which is why so many of my posts were mini-lectures, and even then, I feel more confident going on about astrology and divination than I do about other more obviously Pagan topics. During the year, I grew more confident that I was an archetypal/humanistic/naturalistic Pagan (still deciding on the best terminology), but due to that aversion of mine for opening up online, that barely made it into a year’s worth of Pagan blogging. Oops. Yet reading other people’s personal accounts was often what I found to be the most interesting part of the Pagan Blog Project. I’m happy so many of you don’t share my reluctance!

So, what have you gotten out of the Pagan Blog Project, as either a writer or a reader?


photo credit: brainware3000 via photopincc