My first Lenormand deck

And knowing me, there’s a high chance that means “My first Lenormand deck of several,” not “My first and only Lenormand deck.” Note how I say this confidently, only hours after acquiring this deck and without having performed a single reading.

The Clover, Scythe, and Letter cards from the Enchanted Lenormand Oracle.
The Clover, Scythe, and Letter cards.

I learned tarot from teachers and books that took a psychological approach. But whether it’s being almost an S in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or the plentiful amount of earth in my natal chart, that isn’t enough for me. I find psychological interpretations absolutely fascinating, but I want a practical approach as well. Certainly the tarot can be used this way, but in general, “fortune telling” and “prediction” were frowned upon. Then I started hearing about the Lenormand deck and what Lenormand readings were like. Less psychology, more…well…prediction. Fortune telling. The forbidden words. And when something inside me yelled Yes! I decided to look into this further.

The looking turned out to be a bit of a challenge; the tarot world has spoiled me for the easy acquisition of decks! Flailing around on the Internet, I kept running into articles by people who had these decks, but they seemed to have gotten them from friends of friends, dealers who no longer carried them, they made their own, or whatever. And they must have been learning about them from those friends or from old notes handed around from person to person or something, because books were no more easier to find than the decks themselves. I can only assume some sort of critical mass was reached in the past year or so, though, because suddenly pre-publication announcements of both decks and books began appearing. I was delighted to not only be able to get a deck, but to have a choice as to what deck I got. It’s just arrived, and here we are.

Oh, and this first deck in question? It’s The Enchanted Lenormand Oracle by Caitlín Matthews (author) and Virginia Lee (artist). The cards are much smaller than most tarot cards, and with only 36 cards*, the deck is less than half the thickness of a tarot deck. Quite nice that it arrived just before a long weekend, so that I have more time to get to know it!


*The Enchanted Lenormand Oracle adds a 37th card (The Diviner) not found in standard decks. Also, its Man and Woman cards come in light-skinned and dark-skinned variations, so there are really 39 cards.

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