Message fail?

Having recently written a post on kitchen witchery, the topic is still on my mind, along with vague intentions of practicing it some more. In one of those probably-not-true-synchronicity-but-close-enough coincidences, recommended Grimoire of a Kitchen Witch: An Essential Guide to Witchcraft by Rachel Patterson to me today.  Interested, I clicked through to the book description to find out more, which happened to also enlarge the book cover:

Grimoire of a Kitchen Witch book cover

Yes, that’s a skull. Okay, kitchen witchery and cooking are two different topics, but there can be a lot of overlap between them, and there are good reasons publishers tend not to put skulls on the covers of cookbooks. A skull doesn’t suggest “delicious food” or “healthy recipes inside;” it says “death.” This looks like an excellent cover for a book on necromancy; for a book on kitchen witchery, it seems incongruous as all get-out. Adding to the dissonance, the reviewers quoted on the publisher’s website describe the book as “very helpful,” “friendly,” “playful,” and “sprinkled with humour.” One writes, “If the word ‘grimoire’ makes you think of a book of dark rites to perform, maybe involving conjuring up the devil, think again. The Grimoire of a Kitchen Witch is more a book of brilliant spells you could do, maybe while conjuring up the odd cake.” I believe them. This could very well be a fine book, although I’m going to wait for a few customer reviews before deciding whether or not to buy it. But I’m utterly bewildered as to what about this cover design says kitchen witchery. The egg timer?

4 thoughts on “Message fail?

    1. The landlord charges extra if you paint the walls black because they have to use more white paint after you move out, there’s a non-smoking policy in the building that may affect candles, and the only shelf in the kitchen is too narrow to hold a skull. So, no.


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