A blogging project

I swear, the more assiduously I try to avoid making resolutions and commitments, the more potential resolutions and commitments present themselves. Perhaps this would all go down easier if I thought of them as opportunities instead. So in that frame of mind:

Pagan Blog Project

I haven’t always maintained the most consistent posting schedule for this blog, mostly because I hit months in which I can’t think of anything to write about. In an effort to do something constructive about this, I am joining the Pagan Blog Project this year. The idea is to post about Pagan and/or related topics, working your way through the alphabet by the end of the year. Ideally, I’d be cranking out 52 posts, two per letter, one per week. But that’s way more commitment than I’m ready for, so I’m doing what I call Pagan Blog Project “Lite”: 26 posts (only half the calories and posts of a regular Pagan Blog Project!). Which increases the chances that I’ll even be on schedule sometimes.

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