One of the first things you learn about Mercury retrograde periods is that they’re associated with times of re-: redoing, revising, rereading, reworking, etc. I am hard-pressed to remember a Mercury retrograde period that has involved more re- verbs than the current one (July 14 – August 8, 2012).

  • Reknitting: I wish to enter the sweater I’m currently knitting in the state fair, which means I need to finish it by mid-August. The pattern is a self-contained exercise in Mercury retrograde, as it’s filled with errors and unclear explanations. Up until now, though, I’ve managed to find corrections and clarifications for each of the problems I’ve encountered. Well, now we’re in the retrograde period, and while the problems continue to pop up, the solutions have evaporated. Thus, I’ve had to rip out and reknit. Let’s see, so far that’s part of one sleeve reknitted and the entire lower panel of the sweater (twice!). Reknitting is common, retrograde or no retrograde, but when there’s a deadline involved, it’s stressful as all get-out.
  • Redoing: We have a fiscal year at work that runs from July 1 through June 30. Sure, that means our current fiscal year got going before Mercury went retrograde on July 14, but no, we didn’t have the budget set up on July 1. Doing that during the retrograde has proven that Mercury retrograde and accounting are a poor combination. Between budgeting far too little money for our basic expenditures and learning that our finance department has misunderstood for years what we’ve been spending money on, actually getting bills paid has become a monumental task. We spend our energies on reviewing past financial reports and revamping current budgets.
  • Rereading: I rarely reread books, simply because there are so many books out there that I haven’t read and want to. However, I’m rereading one right now, and even more appropriately, I started it on July 14, when I was still unaware that a Mercury retrograde period was starting. Okay, this one isn’t a rant, but if something unfrustrating is happening during Mercury retrograde, I figure I ought to highlight it!

Mind you, it’s all supposed to be better in the end. The reknitted sweater shouldn’t have the problems that would cause it to lose points at the fair. The reworked budget should lead to our having better grasp of our finances. Every time I reread the book, I should retain more information from it. But it’s intensely frustrating, and I am anxiously awaiting August 8.

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